Advantages of a Tablet created when Venus enters its sign۔۔۔


when Venus makes an angle of 27 with Pisces it creates a specific effect.Allah has created time in such a way that it laces a specific impression at every instant experts in philosophy believe that in order to achieve desired effect an agent is to be supplied so in the skies can be transferred to the earth when such a subject is supplied and its effect accepted then this effect is wondered on to a tablet or amulet.then  everything appears an the attributes of Allah.hence the effect generated by Venus upon reaching these steps works with reference to mentioned and for subduing women. the net result being that the process of this tablet will have attention of mankind.fame greatness and acceptance will be within his grape  therefore people should see advantage of this time those who one dependents upon people for example doctors,lawyers,leaders,shopkeepers etc for their livelihood can use this increase their can also be used to catch the attention of females.those who want to subdue to a certain someone can have their wish.

Decrease of providence related to stars for prosperity,

conquering women and lovers lovers and abundance of

wealth:ALLAH firmly states in the holy QURAN:we have created signs of the zodiac in the skies and have given elegance to those who see.

And then again. We have crated steps for the moon.

And again: if you reside in strong fortress

And again: Holy is the being which created the signs of zodiac in the slaves.

According to the astrology there are twelve signs of zodiac : Aries Taurus, Gemini cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra ,Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius ,and Pisces.In relation to the stars it is stated in the holy QURAN :It is he (Allah) who has created the stars for you so that you can see guidance from then in the dark of land and sea.According to the experts the stars give off light from the sun which is 60 times the size of the earth where as the earth is 39 times the size of the moon. tablets/charms/amulets made by someone who processes an art of prediction when any planer enters its signs are very effective with guarantee of success.scholars of this study do not let this time go to waste we too have created such tablets is these specific periods those who have had the fortune of using them have experienced success and are now with the grace of Allah living prosperous lives.


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