Astrology of Colors

Colors in the Horoscope

Hello! Today, I explain the Color for Zodiac Signs —you want to know what color is best for you and when you should wear it? —-yes that’s great look to the stars! Find out which color will most excellent ensemble your character based on your astrological signs in your horoscope.

Usually, moods, stars and colors are three different things— but in the entire scale of colors, we come across some mouth-watering colors, perhaps this color has do with some color desire in us. Color therapy is recommended us to get color equilibrium in our life — use of jewelry and stones are also determined on color trembling. However in our personal life if we follow and wearing a particular color on a particular day— specially when the plants power is in best form and it is like gift a particular desire to the planet. That is way, astrology assigns to each and every planet a color of its own and these colors have an effect on our moods to a huge amount. Here, I mentioned Color for Zodiac Signs with their abilities and also their Astrology of colors and days. Let I start from the Aries Astrology of Colors.

Aries Colors

The natives born under the first zodiac sign Aries are very energetic, enthusiastic and curious individuals. Aries people are very determined and reckless. Aries native’s have an independent personality. Aries people consider themselves as the first and it is also known for their fiery zeal and exuberance. Calm you take charge attitude with your go – to color red, mixed with light yellows and also pale shades like off-white and cream colors are peaceful for Aries. The perfect combination for Aries sign is the accent bold color against a light base. Their style is flashy, to be different and carry any outfit with immense confidence.

Tip: Aries should wear red color on every Tuesday.

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Taurus Colors

The zodiac sign Taurus represents a clam reserve, force, endurance, stability and determination. Taurus people are very loyal, kindhearted, and thrifty and have a positive approach throughout the life. Taurus people have sensible, very loving, creative, attentive, artistic, and very sexual personality. They need something to irregularly benefit them up, but red color is one that will negatively affect the constantly so peaceful and deliberate Taurus make them see red literally. Many other colors like sky-blue call to Taurus senses. All sensible and earthy colors also call as Taurus choices like khaki, brown, and beige. Maroon is a best color for all Taurus, pink and cream is the good color for Taurus and also effected on a most positive way.

Tip: Taurus should wear pink color on every Friday.

Gemini is the 3rd Zodiac Sign is symbolized by twins, it represent dual nature, complex and elusive. These people are very independent, mostly are keen, intuitive and brilliant and the rule of Gemini is mercury. All twins’ favorite color is a green. Gemini is fame in all Zodiac Signs with their extra talents, creativity, flair for languages, new kinds of venture and gift for innovation and other. Green will improve and support all these activities and diverse shades of green will do speculates for you. For a moment they can be perceived as too chatty and habitually get edgy easily.

Other colors like back, which bring an element of permanence and thoughtfulness, it tones down the fickleness of Gemini’s and gives to their versatility a channelized and proper direction. Pink and white color is also a favorable, but green is the excellent color for creative Gemini. Red color will perk up the Gemini spirit.

Tip: Gemini should wear green color every Wednesday.

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Cancer Colors

Cancer sign are intelligent, generous, home-loving, organized, and tenacious and also emotional creatures. Cancer symbolized by crab and it’s ruled is moon, have very shy personality and the best colors for crab are white, sea green and blue. This is also the sign of the exaltation of Jupiter the planet of benevolence yellow color is also an auspicious color for these people for success in any undertaking and for a positive frame of mind. Red color may be used when they feel week and de – energized, but keep in mind red color is the Mars color which gets debilitated in cancer. Hence mostly used of red color will easily tubular their feelings and emotions. Green color is fastidious color; sea green color is excellent for their career.

Tip: Cancerians should wear sea green, white or light blue color on every Monday.

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Leo  Colors

Generally Leo is known a royal sign of all other Zodiac Signs and its rule is Sun, they like to wear all bright and bold colors and best suited color is the sun color— orange. This color adds charisma and magnetic aura of the Leo personality. Especially Leo’s will also made for all that is bright and regal colors like orange, red, gold, purple and so on.

Best color that is identifying Leo deeply is gold and shades of bright yellow and orange. Because all these colors is bright, optimistic and glorious. It also helps to shows the heirs of Leo sense of the esteem and grandeur.  Pastel and pale shades combination don’t well suited the Leo temperament yet the mixture of gold and white and gold and black takes the edge of the plainness of the colors. Best suited colors for Leo are bright orange, dark bright yellow shades and limelight shade of magenta.

Tip: Leo should wear gold or bright orange on every Sunday.

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Virgo  Colors

Mercury ruled sign and belong to Mercury night house. Hence all abilities of mercury vested in Virgo aren’t so clearly in Gemini and nor like to change and unpredictability commonly. The most beneficial colors for Virgo are pale and pastel shades of all colors peach and mauve to light blue and pink. All dull or earthy shades grey, all shades of brown and dull brown are not appealing colors for Virgo.

Others colors like moss green, bottle green, green mixed with black or any other color are made younger and resourceful and in concord with the Virgo personality. If Virgo native use red color they feel out of his/her personality. The boldest Virgo can have enough money to obtain is blacks and blue-green color dresses.

Tip: Virgo should be wear green shade on every Wednesday.

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Libra Colors

Libra natives are like very peaceful and full of harmony life and also they have very easy going nature and serene nature. It ruled by Venus and suitable color for Libra is blue; this color is a symbol of balance and harmony in all orbs of life. Their taste is very impeccable and no one can accuse them of being overdoing things.

White and pink colors are also used for Libra vibrations harmony. Black is a favorite color of Librans, also love all plain colors and avoids overzealous combination of too many colors. Printed, symmetry and harmony are Libra hallmarks, that print that isn’t too bold and too colorful is the Libra cup of tea.

Tip: Libra should be wearing cream or off-white color on every Friday.

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Scorpio Colors

Scorpio soul is very courageous, sexy, determined and brave and far from shy. It is a night house of Mars, their taste of colors run with a hint of magic and mystery.  The Scorpio appeal of colors are dark purple , purple, limelight bright shades like bottle green, maroon, purple, red with a shade of black, magical designs and patterns, all night colors and vibrant colors.

The Scorpio color tastes vary with the taste of mind and moods. Pastel and pale shades is out of Scorpio emotional response. Difficult to investigate that the Scorpio can be at times charged of buying unusual outfits making pretence to be designer and artistic. Colors are deeply affected by nature.

Tip: Scorpio should be wearing a deep red or maroon on every Tuesday.

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Sagittarius Colors

Archer is a quiet sign, they born are travel lover and its sign’s ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius favorite color is yellow, this color add brightness, happiness and cheer in their life. They love chaste and pure colors more. Also they have an attraction for colors like red, yellow, canary yellow and orange. Archer is a spiritual sign, so at time they have a noticeable attraction for the spiritual colors and saffron colors worn usually by the initiates and spiritual Gurus.

Most favorite and suitable colors for Archer are yellow and blue. At times, black color has not have positive marked influence in their nature, but white can be soothe and relax. All shades of blue are not beneficial for Sagittarius, like navy blue, sky blue only rich blue or royal blue is suitable for Archer.

Tip: Sagittarius should wear yellow on every Thursday.

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 Capricorn Colors

Generally Capricorn is seen as cool, disciplined and elegant and also very loyal and responsible. They are day house ruled of Saturn and their favorite color is navy blue, indigo, black and grey.

Capricorn is an earth sign some more colors that also demand are khaki, brown, remember that they love traditions and conventions. Red color though very rarely worn and appreciated and yellow is the one color that instantly keep away them. Their all time favorite colors are white praises and black and white mixtures.

Tip: Capricorn should wear black dress on every Saturday.

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Aquarius Colors

It is an air sign ruled by Saturn and Aquarius is clever, witty and very inventive natives. Generally in every sense of the world, they have disobedient habits that can come off negatively in social circumstances. Violets and other psychedelic colors shades attract to them, Aquarius also like all emotional colors that change with light – light and shade. Aquarius favorite colors are also called the “new generation colors”.

Colors with mechanical robotic patterns, Scientific and computerized design mixtures and a weird sense of shading are Aquarius favorite.  Their taste run around the variety of colors from stark and bold ones to those in mixtures and contrast, all time favorite color is black  however, it is not only one color that make the Aquarian happy. Even cuts and design is also bizarre for Aquarius. Sometime they carry the design and prints that may make cranium turn, but it is true in reality that an Aquarius is further one of his time.

Tip: Aquarius should wear navy – blue or violet on every Saturday.

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Pisces Colors

It is a watery sign ruled by Jupiter, symbolized by fishes. They are very sensitive, gentle and withdrawn people who express themselves; their attractive and emotional color is yellow. This color is affected the Pisces spirits. Some suitable colors for Pisces are pastel and pale, especially pale yellow, mauve’s, lilac, light purple, white, lavender and peaches and it also help them in expressing their insights at their best.

White color is all time favorite, limelight and aggressive shades are strident to the fragile emotional response of an advance Pisces. The color that isn’t good for Pisces mood is green; this has a bad impact on their emotion creating difficulty in communicating themselves and creative blocks.