Different qualities are related to different textures of nails. Some of them are discussed below –

1. Long nails : Those people who have long and white nails are intelligent, prudent,   discreet, moralist and with stable mind. People with this kind of nails have week heart and lungs. Their physical strength is also weak.
Those people who have long and thin nails have weak backbone. If the nails are too much thin then there is a chance of bending of backbone.

If the nails are bluish at the origin or whole nail is blue then it is a sign of weak heart and unbalanced blood supply in the body.

If there is a half-moon sign at the origin then it is a sign of high blood pressure in the body.

People having yellow colored long nails are cruel, robber, hunter and adulterous.

2. Wide nails : People having square wide nails with red colour are sincere and
free-spoken. People whose nails are more wide and less long are critics.

3. Small nails : Small nails which are squared on the top and thin at the origin, are indicator of heart disease.

If nails are small and wide then it indicates that the person is tactical and sometimes irascible & wrangler.

Vertical lines on nails

Vertical lines on nails are symptoms of muscular problem. If there are white spots like half-moon or full-moon, then it is a sign of defect in blood circulation.

Several red spots on nails indicates that the person is of wicked nature.

Black, bright dots on thumbnail indicates that the person is full of lust and criminal minded.

Generally, black spots on nails indicates anxiety, fear, sadness; white spots indicates happiness in life; blue spots indicates bad luck and yellow spots indicates death.

If a white spot remains stable at some place on nail, then it indicates stature and love for kinsfolk.

If there are several white spots on nails, it indicates faulty digestive system.