pakistan netal chart

Pakistan is currently passing through the Venus Mahadasha and Mars Bhukti which will continue throughout the year 2015. Venus is the Lord of the 7th House (House of War and Foreign Relations). Mars is the Ascendant Lord and prime significator of war, strife, violence and also industrial progress. Mars is placed with 4th House Lord Moon. So, the year 2015 can be a year of social and economic reforms in Pakistan. The transiting Jupiter in Cancer also confirms reforms, particularly land reforms, in Pakistan. The economy of Pakistan may slowly start improving.

Pakistan’s Army may have lost some of its clout but Mars Bhukti indicates that the Army’s influence will remain very significant in Pakistan’s political structure during 2015. Pakistan’s Army will suppress insurgency ruthlessly, but it will create more resentment within the country due to adverse transit of Rahu. Balochistan province will continue to face insurgency problems. And Pakistan will continue to face a deeply entrenched terrorist problem.

Pakistan may seek rapprochement with India but fundamentalist elements will not allow this to happen smoothly. Both India and Pakistan governments may move cautiously to improve relations. However, neither country will take any bold steps to resolve sensitive issues like Kashmir. Pakistan’s hostility towards India will not cease totally, but both the countries may look forward to temporary concessions and partial peace.

As the transiting Jupiter is passing through the 4th House, Pakistan will be seeking to establish good relations with the United States to improve its economy. Rifts in the relationship between the United States and Pakistan will gradually narrow down. However, US might not continue to provide full-fledged economic and military aid to Pakistan.

There will be strain in the bilateral relationship with Iran and tensions on the Iran border will periodically spark crises between Pakistan and Iran during year 2015.