Predict martial law under the Zodiac Signs

Last several days, a question runs in a mind of every citizen of Pakistan that whether martial law will be imposed on a country or not, so here I am trying my best to explain by the help of zodiac signs. No doubt zodiac signs play a vital role in making someone’s life so here I am trying my best to predict about Martial Law in Pakistan.

Let’s start with the prime minister of Pakistan: Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was born on December 25 1949. He runs his life under the shadow of Capricorn sign and right now, Capricorn in a good position. If Prime Minister Makes some hopes for the future than this time shows how they are perfectly in alignment with reality. Capricorn mental energy is just right for making plans and getting things done. Though, things showing that they just under in good position, but in reality, things seem to be arranged in against him, but still future store reward and good news for him.

Now come to analysing of Army Chief “General Raheel Sharif”. He was born on 16 June 1956. Current situation of his zodiac sign is iffy. He needs to think clearly and tell what’s what as he is under pressure, but outcome of the present situation is entirely up to him. And entire enlist support is with him to keep things on track and defining the future.

And now in last but not least, we move to Imran Khan’s zodiac position. Khan’s was born on 25 November 1952. Khan’s mind is pulling more deeply into subjects whose he really have no idea about though his subconscious thoughts to lead him toward the most interesting titbit but his inner confidence lead him to take over the world. His inner great energy should help him succeed at almost anything running at his mind.

Conclusion in the reading of three main personalities of the current country crisis: Martial law could be imposed on Pakistan as enlist support is with General Raheel Shareef, but it is also true that he is the only person who would define the future of Pakistan and in other hand Prime Minister will disappear from the scene but his strong zodiac sign’s position tells that future store good news for him. And Khan’s zodiac sign clearly showing that if he entered into that subject whom his mind could not judge before then things will not be in favor of him, but if he uses his inner energy than situation could be in favor of him and country as well but till now decision ball in the court of General Raheel Shareef.