Gemini Main Information

Compatible Partners:

The planet Mercury rules Gemini and its element sign is air. Its element has a great effect on it. Gemini is full of adventures and energy. Their enthusiasm and level of energy only meet with sparkling Libra and dazzling Aquarius. Libra is an ideal partner for Gemini because they share strong bond on the basis of their mutual interests. They enjoy their company and ideas without loosing interests for a long time. Aquarius is also best match for Gemini. Their same temperament binds them into long lasting relationship.

Traditional Gemini Traits:

Gemini is a sign of twin figures that shows different traits in him. Its sign brings cheerful feelings in him and makes him lively and witty. Its ruling planet mercury also involved in the formation of innate abilities. Mercury shows the intelligent part of the personality and make him intellectual, versatile and Adaptable. These are the traits that depict the positive attitude of Gemini.

On The Dark Side:

Dual sign of Gemini has a great role in its traits. Inquisitive nature of Gemini sometime makes him Nervous and tense. Its nervousness diverts his attention from the required issue and makes him inconsistent. These are the traits that show negative sides of Gemini.


Gemini is a sign which can be summarized in a key phrase “I think” that defines what the suitable professions for this sign are? Its key phrase “I think” shows him optimistic and inquisitive. These are the ideal traits for travel guide, nature explorer or those professions which can satisfy its curiosity.

Possible Health Concerns:

Major health concerns of Gemini are moving around its shoulders, hands, lungs and nervous system. Common diseases of Gemini are chest pain, hay fever. Tuberculosis and nervous disorder.


Gemini is vibrant and dynamic in nature. They like talking, reading and variety in life.


Dynamic Gemini hates to stay alone because they always like to be a social person.


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