Khat e Qalb Heart LineKhat e Qalb Heart Line

his line is known as heart line, ‘Hardia Rekha’ and also ‘Anta Kiran Rekha’. Heart line is very important while studying the hand and its lines. This line represents emotional behavior of a person. Line of heart also shows health condition and more importantly, it also provides information about heart health. As emotion plays an important role in a person’s life, this line is very significant in love and romantic affairs. This is why; these two attributes, viz. love and romance, cannot be over-looked while studying the lines of hand. For the starting point of heart line, there are several opinions. However, research has confirmed that heart line starts from a point that exists between escalation of Mercury and Mars minuses. Heart line is present on the upper part of hand.The line that divides palm of hand equally in two parts, whileit starts from the base of thumb and passes through middle of the hand and reaches to Mars minus. In such case, upper portion of the line represents mental capabilities, while the lower portion will represent physical powers of a person. As heart line is present on the upper portion of palm, it has link with the mind. If heart line is strong and is present in a healthy condition, this represents good and healthy circulation of blood in the body. Similarly, the mental condition will also be good. As mentioned earlier, this line is helpful in judging the emotional feelings of a person and the relations with other people. It also helps to predict the intensity of emotions in a person. It determines whether the person’s heart is weak or strong? Heart line moves to seven different directions and places form its inception point. We are now presenting the analysis of each and every line separately.

Seven End Points of Heart Line

  • Has an end point at escalation of Jupiter.
  • Reaching on top of the escalation of Jupiter and passing through it.
  • Has a termination at a point between the escalation of Jupiter and Saturn
  • Has an end at Escalation of Saturn
  • Ending at a point between escalation of Mars positive and inception place of mind line
  • Cutting mind line and heart line on the escalation of Mars positive
  • Having a straight end point at heart line or between escalation of Jupiter and Mars positive

A person having this type of line will be honest and good. He will never be caught in the web of deceivers. These types of people have an extreme inclination for love and emotional affairs. They have control over their emotions, and use brain more than heart. They think a lot on any matter before doing it practically. Similarly, in the case of love, these types of people think well before loving someone, and once they are in love, they are good at it and honest with their love ones. Their personality has strong pulling power. They can attract the opponents very well. Or in other words, their opponents get attracted towards them in a magical manner, and are trapped in web of their love. Due to their attractive personality, the opponent feels so much affiliation that he gets ready to sacrifice anything for them. They show their love aggressively to the opponent. They try to fulfill all the desires of their love ones and do anything to give what love ones wants from them.
1. When this type of line exists and is stretching all over the palm surface, with a prominent presence and intense look, this condition is very much unique. This line becomes strong as compared to other lines present on the palm. In this situation, the person’s mental abilities are utilized more in romance and love affairs than other activities of life. Love and romantic issues become very much important for this type of individual and sometimes this condition is not fine. He can’t bear the pain of separation from the loved ones. Due to such an intense condition, people of this kind become mentally weak and look weird.
2. A heart line that ends on escalation of Jupiter. These types of people make their love at a top level. They have assertive and straight approach in their romantic affairs. They are also defensive in martial affairs. They do not try to have knot of marriage with people who are low in status as compare to their own. They like to have a next person who is well-known, gentle and trust worthy. These people do not marry with the person that has low status in the society. In the light of this, they have fewer chances to get a true love. They are sincere in their love and give honest warmth to their love ones.