IMG-20150415-WA0003Virgo 2015 Horoscope


Virgo would have a positive and eventful year. While personal problems and issues would be high at the beginning of the year, but still your hard work, effort and determination could bring you good growth and an opportunity of turning around life during 2015. You would be undergoing a lot of mental stress at the beginning of the year and there would be issues, resentment and negative thinking all around you. Even people and family around you might not be very supportive during this time. You have to be focused, determined and ensure that you do your best to come out of this situation as 2015 will give you the opportunities you are looking for. The best possible gains would be due to your determination and handwork that will open up avenues for you. If you work hard enough and you are clear in your objectives, there would be expansion at work and overall a rise in your stature and status during this year. You will turn very aggressive and result oriented after March 2015. You should however ensure that you do not hurt people or turn negative against people around you.

There would be a rise in courage and your ability to handle problems will also rise during this time. This year will see problems and issues for your siblings. March to August 2015 might not be an easy period for your siblings. At times, there could be pain in your arms and unexplained issues towards the arms and the upper chest region so you have to be careful. Position of children will rise and you will travel extensively also during 2015. Friends whether true or fake would be around you during this year. This will make you socially busy, very much sought after and the center of attraction for people around you. Income will rise as this year goes forward. Possibilities of celebration in family are also present. Spouse will do better. Income and position of spouse would rise. Family could have a joint celebration and there would be occasions and large family gatherings and the people who you like.

You should not waste too much money or time on friends and celebrations. Instead it would be better to focus on your work and ensuring that your position in life is secure. After July 2015 there would be a rise in expenses and liabilities. Possibilities of investment in a real estate project could also take away liquidity in financial matters. There would be a rise in spirituality also. A focus on religious matters will come about during this year. You have to be cautious as this year could also see an increase in physical and mental distance from your spouse. You have to ensure that your level of bonding is within an acceptable standard since if that is not taken care of, distances will increase causing long term problems in marital matters. You might feel low on mental energy, you could be in deep thought and worry could be present at times. You should meditate and pray regularly and seek the blessings of God and spiritually uplifted people for better prospects during 2015.

A distance could build up from home during your travels or a general detachment with people around you. Temperament and attitude could be fixed and angry that could make you unromantic, unaccomodative and difficult to get along with for others. You need to remember this aspect and try to make things easy for people around you. You will neither be flexible nor will be receptive to ideas. This may result in your losing opportunities. Your mind would remain cynical about spouse and there could be controversy and trouble with partners. Joint areas of work might not be very easy and therefore you have to work constantly on your marriage and partnerships during this year. Travels might not be very positive so be very careful and don’t travel indiscriminately during this year.

Thinking could be negative and destructive at times. Try your best to remain good with people. The positive is that you could be focused and determined, which will help you achieve your objectives during this time. There could be a sudden period of change in thinking regarding family and life in general after 26th July 2015 and this period of unreliable thinking will remain till the 6th September 2015. You might get attracted to another person but you have to be cautious that you do not cross any lines. The period after 14th August 2015 will suddenly turn positive. Love life will be very happy and there would be revival of a love relationship that was present but not completed before July 2014. Very good results in relationships would come in during September 2015 also. Your personal decision making and finances could be under stress during the end of July, early February as well as during May and September 2015.

Major decisions should be avoided for this period. Your best months could be March, June, July and November 2015. Mostly you should ensure that you remain accessible and easy to deal with. You should try to use the contacts of your friends to your advantage. Further, your hard work and determination will give you the maximum growth. Opportunities will come in from people in position, authority and power, make the most of them and use them to your advantage during 2015.

2015 Virgo Career Finance Horoscope : 2015 is an important year for your career and money matters. However, the year is likely to bring in a mixed bag of goodies for you.

So though, your income and wealth creation matters shall remain active throughout the year. But to reach your maximum potential, you will have to login to the right mood and not care for the financial tensions. Let me also warn you that throughout the year you will have to fight one kind of challenge or the other. Despite all these hurdles, by applying the law of attraction successfully you will be able to gain almost during all the 12 months of the year.

With Rahu (the Dragon’s head) in 1st and Ketu (the Dragon’s tail) in 7th house; with Jupiter in 11th house of gains and ambitions, you will have to be careful on money matters. Saturn in the 3rd house is trying to give you an important lesson in money management and find new ways to protect yourself from the cheats. Do prepare yourself for different kinds of obstructions.

During March to May, if you are living alone or are the master of the house, keep some extra savings for unexpected expenses. It could be on account of medical bills or a lawyer’s fee or some sudden purchase not foreseen earlier.

Things will get easier & peaceful with Jupiter moving from Cancer to Leo after mid July 2015. You will be more satisfied professionally and financially about your efforts done in the last 6 months. Cultivate your patience and be careful with your decisions, documents, calculations and commitments – which must be done after due diligence. Many of you would be tempted to adopt manipulative techniques to make things work. Be careful because you could get blamed and others will point finger at you.

Except for March, April and August, you will enjoy peaceful life & your plans will be well

executed taking you near to your monetary goals. January to March good for self employedprofessionals. March, April, August not so favourable and you may face unwanted

Virgo Astrological Remedies for the year 2015

  • Avoid wearing red & grey, wear green during important meetings.
  • Keep fasts on Tuesdays. Donate red and grey garments to needy.
  • Wear a good quality Emerald in gold ring on little finger.
  • 2015 Virgo Love and Marriage Horoscope : The first half of the year when the benefic aspect of Jupiter remains on your house of love & emotions, you will experience the invigorating energies in your love area. You will be free making your moves and give direction to your circumstances as per your desire and choice. Your married life will be ecstatic & full of life. This time, that is the first half of the year is favourable for marriage. Romantic encounters are on the cards for singles. But do not hesitate to propose, else the opportunity make not occur for quite some time after that. There will be times when you become so emotionally confused that it will affect you in a negative way. And you may be nervous with regard to your love matters. If controlled and channelized properly, you may be able to express your feelings and have the other persons understand them.

    Also there could be errors in communication leading to misunderstandings over petty matters. But you are advised to control your anger & choose your words carefully.

    For the singles, if you are breeding some feelings in your heart, this is the time to express it in its pure form. If you are not comfortable with telling them about your feelings, you may confide in someone you trust. It is felt that you will focus more on communication than action. You may be quite blunt and your frankness may even hurt your family members. Try to understand their feelings too.

    If everything goes well, there will be a great amount of intensity and intimacy in your personal relationship. This in turn, implies that your partner’s emotional needs and expectations will be more than met and so will be yours. Singles, your love life looks set to be in a very favourable phase to start a long term relationship, which may even culminate into marriage.

    While Venus is in your house of romance till February 12, 2015, your charm is irresistible and natural. Love comes to you rather than you having to pursue it. From February 16 to March 12, all-new relationships may get off to a rough start or not get off the ground at all.

    This is the time when the world seems to be speaking, or at least appreciating, your “love language”. It’s a period ripe with opportunity for attracting others, for turning on the charm, and for receiving positive feedback from partners or love interests.

stress and pressure regarding some work related issues.