This is definitely a challenging year where there would be opportunities to learn, introspect, make mistakes and finally correct the course of your life as it goes along. The year begins with a pressure on your position, the trust that you enjoy around yourself. A certain presence of issues in life of sibling and possibilities of a false allegation could be also present in life at this point. You need to be patient and try and wait to cross April 2015 for these issues to be sorted out. Major improvements will come in after July 2015. Home and family would be a focus in the second half of the year and there would also be possibilities of gains or purchase of a house in the second half of 2015.

Your thinking is going to be negative and that could be the biggest reason for concern and lack of clarity in all that you undertaking now. Worry and pessimism could spoil the enthusiasm and you should definitely not let it overcome your life and issues in general. Happiness with regards to children would be lower than usual. Some worry, disappointments and disagreements with children possible. It would be a good idea to handle the matters diplomatically. Be politically correct and avoid confrontation or direct issues. Some problems and issues of the past which might even be connected with your earlier life or past life could also manifest during this period of the year. It is a time when you have to be careful about your Karma. You should do good deeds and help burn out the negative Karma which will reduce the level of negativity in life.

Health of father could be poor and you need to be careful about the older members of the family or father during this year. Stomach related issues could come up off and on and you should be cautious overall. The year will see strength and some amount of push due to activities that take place in partnerships as well as in your marriage. While temperament of spouse and partner could be difficult but still they would push you to achieve and grow. Support will be present although the amount of negativity and a seriousness and dryness in temperament would be there.

Relations with spouse as well as partners could turn difficult between March and August 2015 but still as I have said before it is going to be a period of learning and fixing the issues in life. You have to be careful, value the advice that is given to you. Avoid too much confrontation. In case you feel you are suffering, it would be better to do it silently and take lessons from what is happening around you so that it does not happen again. Despite what you feel, all that will happen will help you grow, there will be growth, positive events that will lead to progress and there would be many opportunities in terms of new partnerships or the network and links created due to your spouse which will give you happiness during this year. Presence of travel would be there. Multiple travels could take place in life and that would be very beneficial and positive for your professional growth throughout the year. If unmarried, there are chances of marriage during this year but be careful about the match that comes along. Finances will be difficult at times; there would be some amount of confusions and blocks on your source of income. A special mention is required for the period between 26th July 2015 and 6th September 2015. This is one period when your temperament could turn very erratic and unreliable. Decision making could be poor and there could be times when you might end up making a mistake due to rashness of mind and some amount of worry about where life is going. It is best not to take major decisions during this time. Do not confront people around you and don’t break any relationships or arrangements with other people around you. As once the period beyond 6th September 2015 comes in you might find that all the issues and problems of the past could disappear on their own and in case you do not take any negative or adverse steps, life will probably restore itself to the period that is there before the 26th July 2015.

The lesson from this situation and change required would be to avoid making any major changes which stand the events of nature and wait for the period to pass between 26th July 2015 and 6th September 2015. This period is not going to be negative but at the same time you should remember that any steps or specific things during this period could bring in long term negative effects. Money and liquidity could become some sort of an issue during end of January 2015, early February 2015, May and September 2015. Overall you will find that the months of January, February, April and August 2015 will be better in comparison to the rest of the year. You should again look at 2015 as a learning experience, avoid major or new projects and wait for the second half of the year for better results.

2015 Taurus Career Finance Horoscope : The year ahead seems very important and eventful for you. The trends for change have already begun as Saturn changed sign in Scorpio from Libra in November 2014. The planets are painting a very rosy picture for you for most of the months of 2015. You will be quite energetic and enthusiastic about your work. Your approach will be receptive to new ideas and technologies. Colleagues and clients will praise you for being in good mood in most of the times. You would like a fighter, meet the challenges half way and crush them. In particular, this would be applicable during January when the aggressive and energetic planet Mars will be in your 10th house of profession. Therefore, I am hinting that the professional life, for some of you, would not be that easy, especially if you are employed.

It is also the year of partnerships, associations, their making or breaking. How you network with people and relate with your associates will decide your level of success this year.

Stay diplomatic yet practical as this year is likely to be somewhat tricky. Keep your eyes on the long term goals and strive to regain your professional energies to fulfil your career goals. The study of the planetary positions suggests that your goal should be to maintain your current position and not lose it at any cost. Once you have ensured it, then you can go to the next level. It will help to keep a set of small realizable goals in series. Achieve one goal at a time and keep moving to the next higher one.

After somewhat challenging first half, Jupiter’s movement into Leo will bring in luck in your profession and starting July 2015, you will have many opportunities coming your way. Maintain good terms with your partners, associates if in business. If employed, maintain harmonious relationship with co-workers and obey and respect your seniors to keep your job intact. Jupiter in Leo in the second half of the year will create opportunities for you to buy property or to shift to a bigger and better house.

Taurus Astrological Remedies for the year 2015

  • Be careful of extra marital relationships.
  • Wear a pleasant smelling perfume on your clothes for good fortune and clothes
  • made from smooth & fine material like Silk, Nylon and Polyester will be lucky for you.

  • Ask your spouse or parents to give some charity to the poor everyday; depending upon your financial position.

2015 Taurus Love and Marriage Horoscope : Year 2015 will bring in some good times and some not so good times. The position of planets this year suggests you to remain practical and realistic in your love matters. During 14th March to 4th August 2015, chances of troubled times in marriages & relationships are there. However, you need to be rather careful only during 14th July to 4th August, when you should make sincere efforts of being polite in your conversation and comforting in your words to make up in case the relations are going sour.

Due to Rahu in your 5th House, you may be tempted to indulge into romantic affairs outside marriage / committed relationship. Be warned that this could backfire for you. Period to remain cautious and on your guards are the specific transits of Mars from 23rd March to 3rd May and then 3rd May till 16th June. During which you need to have full control on your temper and stay cool even when provoked with false allegations

This year, you need to be within limits and do not go overboard in expression of your love or chasing someone if you are still a single. Long distance romance is likely to peter out gradually this year. But do not lose hope, things shall improve and get back on track soon.

During Jupiter’s stay in the Cancer sign, the married couples shall now focus on strengthening their relationship and establish more intimacy by taking interest in each other’s activities & even discussing your financial plans with your spouse. Mercury’s position suggests that the discussions should be pragmatic and not emotional. That is, you should not start the blame game; else it may spoil the mood for the whole year.

If you are divorced and considering remarriage, then up to July is good period. It is also quite likely that your ex-spouse may re-enter your life around this time – thanks to the retrograde planets discussed earlier. Make sure that you are also willing to work on the mistakes made in the past and this may enable you to have stability in your love life.